Barrhead Plastics

Our quality plastic fabrication is exactly what you need to meet all your custom plastic needs - on the farm, in the oil patch or even out having fun on your quad - we've been dedicated to delivering industrial, commercial and residential products from our family fabrication shop in Barrhead.

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  • Oilfield
  • Industrial
  • Recreational
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Forestry

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    Our water tanks are food-grade safe. Made of pure polyethylene with UV protection making them last for years. Suited for a large variety of liquids they are used for fixed, transport or mobile storage applications. Tanks are customized to suit your needs. We supply the type of fitting and components you require to finish your project.

    50 loaf tank 36"x24"X18"
    65 loaf tank 30"x23"x25"
    100 loaf tank 48"x24"x27"
    150 loaf tank 48"x30"x32"
    200 loaf tank 59"x36"x29"
    330 loaf tank 77"x46"x36"
    550 loaf tank 77"x46"x58"
    All loaf tanks come complete with a lid and bulkhead.

    Chemical Tanks

    Cylindrical Tanks in various sizes and with accessories. Stands and ladders are built to fit tanks. Stainless steel fittings for chemical applications.

    300 Gallon - Size: 40 1/2" X 71"
    500 Gallon - Size: 54" x 72"

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