Barrhead Residents Concerned about Homeless Tresspassing

There has been a lively debate online about a locally mentally ill person trespassing on various properties in Barrhead. Many have argued that this person isn't harming anyone and that as a community we should have compassion and show grace to this individual. Others have expressed concern about this person breaking the law by either stealing items, trespassing, and creating fear among children and others who come in close contact.

The question is, in a society where we have decided to hand these situations to the government through taxation, how do we handle situations like this when the government seems unwilling or unable to help or the individual refuses that type of assistance. How do we enforce the rule of law while still showing compassion and helping people that struggle with addiction or mental illness? Many of us are grateful for the public services we have such as Blue Heron and Ripple Connection, but sometimes there are outliers that require a little more intentional intervention from the community. (We would love to hear your ideas!)

Shared from Facebook "This man has taken up residence at this building seen behind him. I am making this post to draw accountability to the negligence of the police in addressing this as it continues to escalate. I and my neighbours have called on numerous occasions to let them know he is building stuff with stolen property, shouting obscenities at even children as they walk by. I’m told that he is not harming anyone physically so breaking and entering property is no longer a crime I guess. I fear he may start a fire in this property in his addled state as he is literally living in this abandoned building day and night now. Which would surely burn up the apartment building that many people reside in, ten feet away. This situation should not be allowed to continue until something of this nature occurs. This isn’t just junk collecting on the running trails anymore. The elderly lady on the corner is afraid to even come out of her house because when he is not docile, he is very scary. He refuses help. But I refuse to live in a community where my elderly neighbours are becoming fearful and without advocacy."