RCMP Media Advisory

September 9 through September 15

On September 11 a Barrhead member responded to a complaint of a violent altercation involving someone with a knife. The member attended the area of Township Road 590 and Range Road 45 and found a male on the side of the road who appeared agitated. The member stopped to speak with that male and the conversation quickly escalated into a violent confrontation during which the member sustained minor injuries. The member was wrestling with the suspect on the road when two local residents stopped to assist. Between the member and the two civilians, the suspect was eventually handcuffed and taken into custody. The original call turned out to have come from this male who was experiencing drug-induced mental health issues. The 28-year-old Edmonton male is facing a number of charges and the detachment has expressed their appreciation to the two local males for their timely intervention and assistance to the police.

Police received a total of 13 theft-related complaints this week. Items were stolen varied from eight head of cattle to five motor vehicles. Two complaints of drilled and drained fuel tanks were received from the industrial area. Theft complaints continue to pick up. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the police immediately.

August 19 through August 25

On August 21 police attended a reported domestic dispute at an apartment in Barrhead. The investigation determined that the 30 year old male suspect had assaulted and threatened to kill his 30 year old female companion. Injuries were minor. The male was arrested and spent the night in cells before being released by a Justice of the Peace on conditions including no contact with the victim. On August 25 members attended the same apartment after receiving a disturbance complaint from a resident. Upon gaining entry members found the same 30 year old male suspect with the same 30 year old female victim. The male was arrested again and transported to cells. He was released again by a JP later the same day on the same conditions.

On August 21 police stopped a vehicle that was speeding through Barrhead. Signs of alcohol impairment were observed and the 53 year old male driver failed a roadside screening device twice. As a result he is suspended from driving for 90 days, his vehicle was impounded and he will have to pay a $1200 fine.

On August 25 members attended a residence in Barrhead to make inquiries for a male who was wanted on numerous arrest warrants. The male, a 25 year old with addresses in Barrhead, Westlock, Calgary and Grouard, was located and arrested without incident. When the male was searched incidental to his arrest he was found to be in possession of a prohibited weapon. He faces new charges in addition to over 55 charges on ten separate files.

August 12 through August 18

A 69-year-old Barrhead male will be facing Assault With Weapon charges following a confrontation between neighbours on August 16. An ongoing issue from a verbal altercation when the suspect swung a bat at his neighbour. Fortunately, the suspect missed however the attempted assault will still result in a court appearance on October 26.

On August 18 a member on patrol observed a male he believed to be suspicious driving in the Lac La Nonne area. The member conducted a traffic stop and confirmed the 26 year old Barrhead resident to be a suspended driver. The male now faces additional charges and his vehicle has been impounded.

Barrhead Detachment received eleven theft complaints this week including three break and enters, three stolen vehicles and five other thefts. The stolen vehicles included a 1999 white Jeep Cherokee (no plate attached), a white 2019 Ford F250 bearing Alberta plate CDN3106 and a red 1994 Dodge Ram, Alberta plate 29L204. None of these vehicles have been recovered to date.

July 29 through August 4

Theft complaints kept Barrhead Detachment busy this week with sixteen incidents reported. These included two B&E's, two stolen pickup trucks, propane bottles, diesel fuel, a cart and one porcelain cow. Several thefts were attempted but not successful and at least one complaint turned out to be unfounded when police surprised two contractors working late at night after they had reportedly broken into a building in Barrhead. Thieves have become more active and people are asked to secure their property and report suspicious activity immediately.

Two people are charged with Obstruction after they provided false names to police in separate incidents this week. On July 31, police attended a residence at Thunder Lake following a reported breach of no contact conditions. Members found a 40 year old Edmonton woman on scene who was allegedly breaching her no contact conditions. When asked for her name the woman lied but was identified after further questioning. On August 3, police observed a male in Barrhead who they believed to be the subject of an arrest warrant. The male provided a name and date of birth but looked older than he claimed to be. Further investigation determined the male to be using his brother's name and birth date. Both parties are charged with Obstruction and will make their first appearance in Court in September.

On August 4, an assault in progress was reported near the Provincial Building in Barrhead. Upon arrival police recognized the couple from numerous previous dealings. The 53 year old male suspect was arrested without incident and remains in custody. This male is presently facing 25 charges including traffic offences, drug charges, and criminal code matters on 5 separate files. He was last released from the Edmonton Remand Center on July 29 after being bailed out. Including these outstanding charges, this male has been charged with 73 offences under the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act since 2018. These charges included numerous Assaults, firearm offences and thefts. While 11 of these charges have (so far) resulted in convictions, 38 charges have been withdrawn by Crown Counsel. To say that police are familiar with this male is an understatement.

A new scam was reported to Barrhead Detachment on August 5. The complainant reported receiving a recorded message from "Amazon" advising that she had ordered a parcel valued at $70. The complainant was instructed to call a certain number if she was not the person who had placed the order. The complainant became suspicious when she noted that the number was a local Barrhead phone number. Fortunately, the complainant is not out any money.

(R.W. Dodds) Sgt.
NCO i/c Barrhead Detachment, RCMP