Registries Office

We are a Registries Agency based in Barrhead, Alberta. Our goal is to provide you with professional expertise, and great customer service. We hope that you will contact us or visit us in our office in the near future!

Phone: (780) 674-8859

Vehicle Registration

What do you need to bring to your registries office to renew vehicle registration?

  • Your vehicle registration certificate
  • Your insurance pink card
  • Your credit card
  • Please renew online at least 10 days before expiry to allow for mail delivery of your tabs.

Driving License Road Test

If you have questions or concerns about road testing you can contact the Alberta office directly:
Alberta toll-free: 310-0000
Alberta Transportation Client Support Centre:
Book a driving test online here.

Pay Fines and Traffic Tickets

You can pay for fines online using the ticket number here.

Order Alberta Birth Certificates Online

How much does a birth certificate cost? $20.00
Albertan's can buy a birth certificate online here.

  • Business Name Search
  • Corporate Registrations
  • Register Trade Name

Barrhead Registries is a privately owned and operated registry agent located in Barrhead, Alberta. They offer a wide range of services related to motor vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and other government-related documents. Some of the services they provide include:

  1. Vehicle registration and renewal
  2. Driver's license issuance and renewal
  3. Road tests
  4. Personalized license plates
  5. Alberta Health Care card registration and renewal
  6. Corporate registry services such as business name registration and incorporation
  7. Land title searches and registrations
  8. Vital statistics services such as birth, marriage, and death certificates
  9. Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Public services

Barrhead Registries is authorized by the Government of Alberta to provide these services on their behalf. They are open Monday to Friday and some Saturdays, and they accept cash, debit, and credit card payments.

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