Barrhead · 5 days ago
Price: $$150
Just over half a cord of firewood, a mixture of mostly spruce with a little bit of pine. Will be plastic wrapped for easy transport. Please email me for more...
Onoway · 6 days ago
Price: $175
I have a half cord of seasoned Birch for sale
Barrhead · 1 month ago
Price: $$5.00
Each bag contains 20 firestarters made of wood shavings and paraffin wax (all organic) and burns for up to 10 minutes. It’s a nice and easy way to start a fire...
Barrhead · 1 month ago
Price: $$350 - $500
We sell Spruce, Tamarack and Birch. Cut and split. Any quantity. We can cut to length. Call Fairwood Sales at 780-305-9342 (Bert). Spruce...
thunderlake · 1 month ago
Price: $0
Several standing poplars need to be cut down on my property you can take for firewood
Barrhead Area · 1 month ago
Price: $$150 to $500
Split and dried firewood for sale. Ready to burn. Birch, White Spruce, and Tamarack. Price varies for type and volumes. Call for details.

Firewood Listings in Nearby Towns

Athabasca · 2 days ago
Price: $150 6' 6" Balsam
Rochester · 2 weeks ago
Price: $$50
Boyle alta · 2 weeks ago
Price: $150.00