Barrhead · 2 weeks ago
Price: $285
Solid , Standup firewood box - holds a large amount of wood.( Half a cord) -All treated screws used to prevent rusting. -...
Barrhead Alberta · 2 weeks ago
Price: $150.00
Have 3 left these hold 1 cord of split firewood 4X4X8 , they work awesome for storing and moving firewood around, also great for making sure you are getting a...
Barrhead · 1 month ago
Price: $$5.00
Each bag contains 20 firestarters made of wood shavings and paraffin wax (all organic) and burns for up to 10 minutes. It’s a nice and easy way to start a fire...
Barrhead · 1 month ago
Price: $$350 - $500
We sell Spruce, Tamarack and Birch. Cut and split. Any quantity. We can cut to length. Call Fairwood Sales at 780-305-9342 (Bert). Spruce...

Firewood Listings in Nearby Towns

Stony Plain · 1 day ago
Price: $$50
Busby · 1 week ago
Price: $100
Athabasca · 2 weeks ago
Price: $Firepit Wood special 130
Clyde · 2 weeks ago
Price: $100.00